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May 20 2017

Top 4 Residential Locks

Most sensible homeowners will always choose the very best locks available on the market for obvious security reasons. Nevertheless, not all locks are manufactured according to the same standards and neither are they of the same quality. Over the years there has been many different brands and models which has become known for certain features and some of them are also manufactured for very specific situations... more

May 12 2017

Installing a Digital Door Lock

Many homeowners have become very tired of fumbling for their keys when they get back home. They also do not want to hide spare keys outdoors, which can be used by other family members when the need arises. There are also people who have become aware of how easy it is for locksmiths to pick most of the conventional locks and therefore they may now realize that it has become time to invest in a more secure system... more

May 10 2017

3 Things to Consider Before Registering Your Home on a Short-Term Rental Site

There was a time not so long ago when people were extremely hesitant to rent out their homes to complete strangers while going on vacation. The resistance against this idea seems to be waning especially in the new climate where people is looking for new ways to survive in a slow economy and this is why online services such as... more

May 08 2017

Top 5 Home Maintenance Tips

Trying to save some money? Maintenance is usually way more affordable than emergency repair! Here are 5 maintenance routines that can help prevent future costs year round... more

May 08 2017

10 Things to Do Before You Sell Your House

You want to create an impression of orderliness and therefore it is important not to leave the toys of your pet or your children lying around especially not when your family home is on show. Therefore, great care should be taken to move things such as pet dishes, toys, litter boxes and other things, which is used to entertain the children... more

May 04 2017

Deadbolt Lock Change and Rekey

There are several ways in which deadbolts differ because there are several manufacturers of deadbolts and the earlier designs were somewhat different from those, which are used today, and the quality of these locks over time has changed considerably. One thing, which is mostly similar when it comes to deadbolts... more

May 01 2017

What is Lock Picking

It is simply the method whereby a lock is opened after proper analysis and manipulations of the components of that lock with the intent to open that lock without using the correct key. In most cases, no damage is done to the lock and the actions of the lock picker will not be discovered and therefore this is something completely different from destructive entry... more

Apr 20 2017

What is a Tumbler Pin Lock

One of the most well-known Yale lock designs is known as the cylinder pin tumbler lock. It is a well-known fact by historians that this design actually goes back to the ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists can confirm that some locks which incorporated puns was actually in use in ancient Egypt over 4000 years ago... more

March 30 2017

10 Things to do Before you Sell Your House

There is a lot which can be done by homeowners to improve the impression, which their property is making on potential buyers. A lot of information can be obtained from real estate agents, who will be able to inform property owners which things prospective buyers often consider. One of the first steps in order to make your homes as attractive as possible will be to fix the small things... more

March 17 2017

Top 5 Home Maintenance Tips

It has been proven repeatedly that people who have a long-term home maintenance plan in place, spend significantly less money than those homeowners who are constantly doing emergency repairs. Everything depends on effective planning and this is not difficult because some maintenance tasks is obvious... more

March 14 2017

3 Things to Consider Before Registering Your Home on a Short Term Rental Site

There was a time when property owners would have never considered the idea of renting their family home to strangers while they go on vacation. Things have changed somewhat and the economy is placing a heavy burden on many people and this has resulted in many online services such as VRBO, Airbnb, FlipKey and others... more

March 04 2017

Choosing a Protective Dog Breed

There can be absolutely no doubt that the correct type of dog can do a lot to enhance the security of your family home. It is important to carefully consider several facts, the first been the specific security needs of the family and secondly which type of dog will be most suitable for both the lifestyle and the security needs of the family... more

February 27 2017

Kwikset Smartkey Technology

Kwikset simply want to do everything in their ability to deliver very high standard security features to homeowners. This burning desire is the motivation behind patented SmartKey security technology. There is an ongoing endeavor to find new ways to improve all of the security features, which are been offered to homeowners... more

February 17 2017

How to rekey a lock

Many homeowners will do everything in their ability to ensure the complete protection of their property and their families and one viable option will always be to invest in more sophisticated locks and in doing so to significantly improve the security of the family home. Over the last couple of years another option has emerged and it is known as re-keying... more

February 28 2017

How to Bypass a Lock With a Credit Card

This process is frequently seen in movies or in popular detective series on TV where a hero makes use of his MasterCard and quickly and professionally opens just about any door. The question is, could this be done by any normal person? Or is it just another misrepresentation of the facts which is so often seen in detective movies... more

March 11 2017

How to Make a Paperclip Lock Pick that Works

You will require two simple paperclips and a multi tool and by using these resources it will be possible to create a Lock Pick Rake and tension wrench. It is well known among professional locksmiths and unfortunately also some criminals, that the Rake/Tension Wrench is one of the most effective tools to get, in order to bypass standard pin/tumbler and wafer locks... more

March 20 2017

Lock bumping

Lock bumping is becoming increasingly popular because of its ability to bypass a lock without the need to have lock picking tools. All that is required is a key blank which corresponds to the specific lock which you would like to bypass. The correct key blank is then shaped with a square file which will force the key pins to move to their maximum position in the lock... more

March 25 2017

Mortise vs. Cylindrical Locks – What’s the Difference?

There are a very large number of different businesses each with their own individual needs and each of them will have security as their primary focus and yet very few of these companies have any understanding of the different types of door locks which is used in the industry. Most people have very little understanding of the different lock applications which is used in different conditions and circumstances... more

April 01 2017

Where Movies Get It Wrong with Picking Locks

On the silver screen everything seems so simple and uncomplicated and everything is always more glamorous primarily because casting things in this way has been proven to attract more movie fans to the theaters. Lock picking is one factor which is often made to look a lot simpler and also more interesting than it actually is in real life... more

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Lock change

Lock change

Changing the lock is a radical solution requiered in the case when the lock is damage with no way to repair.

Lock rekey

Lock rekey

Lock rekey is the process in witch replacing the pin tumblers inside the lock cylinder to sync in with a new key.

Sliding door

Sliding door

Sliding doors are being used in many commercial establishments, such as banks, schools and hospital as well as in private homes.

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