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At one point or another, there will be a need for you to re-key your condo or your home, finding the best company that will help you to efficiently do it can be a hassle if you don't have all the right information.

Rekeying involves changing the locks such as the lock of house. Rekeying was first invented by Solomon Andrews in the year 1836; he is known as a locksmith that introduced adjustable tumbler and locks that allow owners to rekey at any time they please. Later, lock manufacturers adopted his model to make locks that will give the owner the opportunity to rekey for any reason whatsoever. There are various reasons that why someone may choose to rekey.

Reasons for Rekeying

Reasons abound why one may be prompted to rekey his locks. Most people usually rekey their locks when they build a new house, move into a new home or got divorced. One way or another, the reason for rekeying is to avoid unauthorized entry.

New home owners also choose to rekey their house before they move in. It is hard to trust someone in the world we live right now; especially contractors and even subcontractors who may have the key to the locks. Since you don't know who may have the keys to your lock, it is very important to rekey to stay accountable and know who has the copies of the keys. In this case, the only way to secure your new home is to rekey as soon as possible.

Another reason for rekeying is in the event of the loss of the original keys to the locks. Home owners may be forced to rekey when they lost the key to their house. In absence of a duplicate, the owner will have no choice than to find a reputable locksmith company to help him rekey the locks.

What does it cost to rekey?

The cost of rekeying depends on various factors; the type of the lock being rekeyed plays a crucial role in determining what you pay. If you are changing the key to your lock; the model will also play important parts in knowing the price of rekeying. This is due to the fact that some locks will make use of high security locks, restricted keyways and other devices that may lead to a higher rekey charge.

Rekeying by Yourself or Hiring A Locksmith

Incurring expenses from rekeying can seem inconvenient but it is an inevitable necessity. Imagine constantly wondering who has the key to your lock, not knowing when someone can just go into your property. In the case where you lost the key to your house with no duplicate, you will lose access to your home, which is a huge inconvenience. It is not hard to find a locksmith to change your locks. There are thousands of locksmith website you can find with simple online search, you can choose the one nearest to your location, you can read reviews to get to know how they work and even compare prices.

When you need to rekey your house, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional lock smith company to do this for you. Avoid cheap and low services which can lead to another problem later. There are many benefits to hiring a locksmith to help you rekey your lock, which include:

Guaranteed Service and Accountability

One advantage of hiring professional locksmiths is that they are always accountable of the service they offer unlike the unskilled labor. Any time you need to rekey your locks, it is recommended you go for credible licensed experts in order to make sure they are guaranteed of high quality service. Reputable companies have already dealt with other customers who are happy with their service and recommend them to others; companies like this will always strive to offer the best even when it warrants redoing a particular piece of work. They get their pay when they have met your requirements.

Professional Experience Services

This is the major benefit of hiring a locksmith. It is better to always rekey your locks with experts in the field who knows exactly what to do and can take good care of your requirements. Hiring experts means that you will be getting high quality service and ultimate experience.

Right Tools and Components

Changing locks in most cases require changing the entire component, unskilled person may not know the right tools or component to buy. Moreover, it is virtually impossible to diagnose the exact problem of the locks or tackle the problem at hand without right tools and components. The problem becomes even more compounded when you make use of fake tools and components. On the other hand, car key replacement experts know the exact tools and the right components to use. They probably have all the tools they need in handling all tasks on locksmith. The job of changing your lock is made easier with right tools and components and it will lead to better output.

Quick and Efficient Service

Most modern locksmith company such as provides quick and efficient service. They can meet you immediately at your location anytime you need your locks to be taken care of. This saves you from the inconvenience and extra expenses. They also work so fast and get your lock operational within couple of minutes or hours.


Professional locksmith is a business and they have insurance that covers clients' vehicles from problem of damage and protecting one's house. They will cover the damage sustain while handling your locks thereby saving you from extra expenses


Rekeying is inevitable, however it is very important. Whether you are rekeying your locks to avoid unauthorized entry or you simply need to change a lost key, you need a professional locksmith by your side to help you quickly and efficiently take care of it.

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